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Baosteel into steel environmental samples: once the most dirty sintering process upgrade to the glob
2017-10-14 23:10

Baosteel into steel environmental samples: once the most dirty sintering process upgrade to the global leader
Author: shuikouguoguo Date: 2017-10-12 16:58:41
Tags: Steel News

Environmental protection and high pressure on the Chinese steel enterprises is undoubtedly a sword, as the city steel industry leader Baosteel, its steel industry and the city's compatibility has always been one of the focus of attention. Under pressure, Baosteel's response is to vote heavily into steel environmental samples.

Recently, Baosteel shares to the outside world to show its iron smelting area of the latest environmental achievements. Baosteel Baoshan base No. 3 sintering machine real-time data show that sulfur dioxide emissions concentration of about 0.6 mg per standard cubic meter, nitrogen oxide emissions concentration of about 50 mg per standard cubic meter, dust emission concentration of less than 10 mg per standard cubic meter. These data are significantly lower than the current national standards, and more than South Korea's Pohang and other well-known international steel prices, reaching the world's leading level.

The so-called sintering is an important process in the process of blast furnace ironmaking in steel mills. It is mainly to crush the iron ore raw materials of iron ore after sintering and sorting it into lumps or spheres to facilitate blast furnace smelting. Sintering process dust pollution, exhaust emissions, related environmental technology, technology and equipment development is difficult, is the focus of domestic and foreign steel environmental management and difficult. Has always been considered "the most dirty and dusty place in the steelmaking process."

Baosteel shares of information, No. 3 sintering machine overhaul renovation project started in April 2016, the project investment amount of 323 million yuan. By the China Metallurgical Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd. design, China Metallurgical Heavenly Shanghai 13 Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. construction, in the removal of an old sintering machine on the site of a new 600 square meters sintering machine and environmental management facilities and other supporting engineering. The project uses belt sintering machine, the use of activated carbon adsorption process for sintering machine flue gas purification treatment, the technology for the first application.

At present, the No. 3 sintering machine has the characteristics of automatic processing, such as automatic activated carbon flue gas purification technology, liquid seal ring cold machine technology, energy saving and environmental protection vertical integrated screening technology, etc. Large technology innovation results, plant, unit production, belt corridor, etc. are fully closed.

No. 3 sintering machine probably rebuild the project in early October 2016 put into operation. In recent years, the unit and related environmental protection facilities to achieve stable operation, the basic eradication of dust pollution, the major emission targets significantly better than the national standard, the environmental performance indicators to achieve the leading level of global steel mills.

In addition to No. 3 sintering machine, Baoshan base on the 4th sintering machine in recent years also carried out environmental transformation, 2013, 2016 were invested 80 million yuan, 127 million yuan. In 2016, Baosteel added the flue gas denitrification project to No. 4 sintering machine. The Baosteel Engineering Technology Group adopted the general package method. On the basis of the introduction of advanced technology, the S-SCR technology of sintering flue gas denitrification was formed by secondary research and development. The project is the first set of domestic flue gas denitrification, off two evil demonstration project, but also the world's fourth implementation of selective catalytic reduction technology denitrification project.

It is reported that Baoshan base of the old one and No. 2 sintering machine is also being demolished, will be put into operation in 2019 for the new No. 2 sintering machine.

It is worth mentioning that the previous downturn in the steel industry has also failed to reduce Baosteel's investment in environmental protection.

Baosteel 2016 sustainable development report shows that from 2011 to 2016, a total of 141 energy-saving projects were put into operation. In recent years, Baosteel sintered area of the investment of more than 500 million yuan. "13th Five-Year" period, Baosteel will also invest 10 billion in environmental protection.

Which in 2016, Baosteel implemented 74 environmental projects, focusing on focusing sintering, coke oven, power plant flue gas upgrading, process dust removal facilities, furnace equipment and new upgrades with the old, environmental monitoring facilities upgrading, Emissions control and metallurgical waste back to production and utilization.