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Huatong Group mechanical structure o stainless steel pipe works
2017-03-22 00:00

Huatong Group mechanical structure ofstainless steel pipe works

Huatong shares is the core business ofHuatong Group, has always insisted on livestock and poultry slaughter businessas the core, to create an industrial chain integration business model, thecompany has formed a "feed processing - livestock and poultry farming -livestock slaughter and processing - - deep processing of meat products,"the four major business segments, external sales of products mainly include feed, fresh pork, fresh poultry meat, Jinhua ham, sauce, halogenproducts.

Huatong Group mechanical structure

Food grade stainless steel must meetcertain food safety requirements. Because the food production process to use alot of acid and alkali salt, unqualified stainless steel, will dissolve avariety of price of toxic metal elements. Is good for the Huatong Groupprovides a food grade 316L stainless steel, its acid and alkali for the Huatongfood safety escort.

Food grade stainless steel